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Typeface Tuesday: Deco Neue

Deco Neue is designed by  Jonatan Xavier. You can download the font for free via


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Typeface Tuesday – Toy Font


Joshua Scott Photography, NYC, 2012


joshua-scott-toy-font-1-600x757 joshua-scott-toy-font-2-600x757 joshua-scott-toy-font-3-600x757





















Toy Font by Joshua Scott via Treadland.


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Typeface Tuesday – Free Party Fonts

This Tuesday brings you fancy free fonts to enjoy via A Subtle Revelry.

Click here to redirect to their page to download.


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Typeface Tuesday – Baby’s Breath

Tuesdays for 2013 will bring with them beautiful, odd & unique typefaces.

We are starting off today with Baby’s Breath by Keziah Chong.

“Baby’s Breath is a typeface formed with Gypsophila/Baby’s Breath. The meaning of Gypsophila is to miss, to adore, and to give. Gypsophila often serves a supporting role, but its existence is significant. This font should have a feeling of freshness, graciousness, and tenderness.” 



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Happy Twenty Thirteen to You

It’s time for resolutions. Ones that we say we will actually keep this year. One small way of starting afresh is by tossing that old calendar & starting over with something new & fancy.

Here are a few of our picks for the New Year.































































no. 1, no. 2, no. 3, no. 4

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The Story Behind ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’

Some of you may know the story behind this iconic poster, but I never had.
I thought it would be something worth sharing today. A bit of pop trivia for your Tuesday.
It actually has quite an interesting history. You might be surprised…

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HANDmade Type

To say that designer Tien-Min Liao has created a unique alphabet doesn’t quite cut it. By painting shapes on her hands, she has made a complete set of letters, both upper and lowercase, including several italics. It isn’t, however, that easy.

She also gave herself a constraint to creating this set – the shapes drawn initally  on her arms had to be used to create her entire alphabet. Thats some pretty impressive hand coordination…

You can view her entire set on Behance.


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