Software secrets

With Easter coming up I thought it would be fun to look for some software “easter eggs”. In computer-parlance an easter egg is a hidden software function that gets revealed through a series of secret steps.

Check these out:

• In PhotoShop CS 4, hold down the Command key (or the Control key in Windows) and the select the “About…” menu to reveal a secret start up screen called “stone henge” (the code name for Photoshop during development)

• In QuarkXPress 8 (and earlier?) try this:

1. Draw a box in center of screen.
2. Leave plenty of room on both sides for action.
3. Press Shift-Option-Command-K to get original alien.
4. Repeat above sequence at least 5 times.
5. The new alien appears randomly, usually after 5-12 tries.

In Mac OS X try this:

1. Open the Applications folder
2. Open the Utilities folder
4. Launch the Terminal application
5. type “emacs” then enter
6. Press ESC + X at the same time
7. Type “tetris”
8. Play Tetris! Use the arrow keys to move and rotate the blocks, and press the space to make the blocks fall.

If you know of any others, share them with us.

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