Anyone can make a font

Website offers free online tool to create your own fonts

I recently discovered a free online tool that lets you create your own TrueType fonts. It’s called FontStruct and it’s very impressive. Now before anyone gets all worked up about it let me clarify – it’s impressive, but it’s not going to replace the serious tools used by the pros anytiome soon.

Still, it is kind of cool and worth checking out.

All you have to do is register for free on the FontStruct website and start drawing your own fonts using their online “FontStructor” tool (it’s Flash based). No software to download or anything, and it’s free.

Once you are done you can download the design as a TrueType font and even post it in their online gallery.

Apart from it’s missing some of the more helpful tools that you would find in commercial font design software, the most painful limitation with FontStruct is that it only creates TrueType fonts.

Of course, you could then use FontXChange to convert the completed TrueType font to OpenType or PostScript Type 1 if you needed those formats.

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