Organize your fonts

Organized font files creates efficient workflow and eliminates many font problems.

A few months back Extensis published the 6th edition of their Best Practices Guide for managing fonts on the Mac. I usually like to read through it each time they release a new edition because it’s loaded with helpful info when it comes to working with font files, and this edition is no exception.

Basically it’s a very practical step-by-step guide that explains how to set up your font files for a good workflow environment. The topics include:

Step 1: Organize Your Font Files
Step 2: Manage Your System Font and Application Font Folders
Step 3: Cleanup your Font Library
Step 4: Add your fonts to your font manager
Step 5: Clean Duplicate Fonts

There’s also helpful explanation of font locations, font hierarchy, font formats, file issues, unicode and font cache issues.

One of the tools used to organize fonts that is mentioned in the guide is FontDoctor for Macintosh.

FontDoctor automates most of the steps required to create a good font workflow.

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