Free font tool for web designers

Online software helps web designers with typography.

One of the frustrations with designing websites is the limitations of typography. Basically, unless your target audience has a particular font installed they won’t be able to see the font you’ve chosen for your web page design.

This has been a problem since the beginning of the internet, and there are solutions forthcoming with HTML5 & web fonts.

But for now, designers remain stuck with the 13 or so pre-installed fonts that come with almost every computer (can I get a shout-out for Arial?!?). To further complicate things, manipulating typography when designing with HTML can be tedious – and time consuming.

The Typetester is a free online application that can speed things up when comparing and manipulating fonts in HTML. You can copy/paste in your text and then use the many font options to ge the exact look and feel you’re after.

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