My fonts hate me

I have a love/hate relationship with fonts. Sexy, thin, bold, and curvy – I love them like a zit-creamed-love-sickened-hormonal teenager.

But really, I think they hate me. I don’t know why. It just seems like they’re always messing with me.

For one thing, I’ve caught them in folders with other fonts. It’s like they can’t wait until I leave so they can move around amongst themselves – partying and such.

Also – and I think I’m being reasonable about all this – but a little faithfulness would be nice. Instead, for reasons known only by Mr. Computer Person, fonts turn on me. Corrupted like the idiot crack-heads they really are.

Then, or course, they leave – perhaps lost somewhere in the abyss of the 3200 different font folders in Mac OSX.

FontDoctor for Macintosh finds and repairs font problems.

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