Type of Personality

Handwriting is as distinctive as a fingerprint, and a lot more telling. Graphologists believe the personality is subtly transmitted via the written word.

Of course, in the internet age, fewer and fewer people communicate via pen and paper, choosing instead to put down their thoughts in electronic media – and that usually involve typography in some form.

It would be interesting to study the relationship between the individual and a particular font they’ve chosen. Of course, many companies already understand how much is communicated through typography. Consider your experience when logging onto a site using sophisticated Bank Gothic over folksy Chalkboard.

Does this visual language drive more business to the site, or detract from it? Is the business credible, or a hack job wanna-be?.

Designers know the importance of typography to successful marketing and brand identity. Creating a distinctive look is critical, but ensuring that the company’s look is consistent with its products and services is even more important.

What are your favorite ways to convey a company with sophistication? That promises security? Which deals in creativity?


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