Grafilm Reinvents Classics Through Iconic Designers

In one of Antipo’s most recent projects – Grafilm, they  have taken type & design to create posters for 10 classic films in the style of iconic graphic designers such as Herb Lubalin, Jim Flora & Saul Bass.

Antipo is a Spanish design studio started by Raúl García del Pomar and Ismael González. Antipo approaches this project with this thought in mind: What would happen if they could choose from a list of designers to make new posters for classic films they like?

The results are visually stunning. Especially if you are familiar with the designers work each poster is inspired by.

To view more, visit Antipo’s website, or watch the video they created, featuring clips of each movie & the designer’s works they were inspired by as they created these posters.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Blake Edwards (Paramount Pictures, 1961).
Herb Lubalin (1918–1981)
High Contrast Serifs FontList; ITC Avant Garde Gothic

Some Like It Hot, Billy Wilder (United Artists, 1959).
Jim Flora (1914–1984)
Latin: Triangular Serifs FontList; ClarendonFutura

The Maltese Falcon, John Huston (Warner Bros, 1941).
A.M. Cassandre (1901–1968)
Art Deco FontList

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