The Art of Packaging

Take a quick run through most stores & you may find yourself a bit depressed at the lack of beauty & creativity going into our packaging.

However bleak things may seem on a mainstream level, we don’t believe that the art of beautifully packaged goods is dead. Not only that, but we know that packaging is an important factor in how you view the product you are buying & has a bearing in whether or not you even choose to buy the product!

To further prove our point, we’ve rounded up just a few thoughtfully branded & interestingly packaged goods to inspire you this Wednesday.

Mast Brothers Chocolate. Image Credit: Because It’s Awesome

Dee’s Ice Cream. Image Credit: Orange Marigold

Grow me. image via: The Dieline.

The Cultured Cow. Image Via: The Dieline.

Espresso Republic. Image Via: The Dieline

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