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Okay, so maybe this won’t make you fitter, but being productive DOES certainly seem to make us happier.

I have always thought, or at the very least, hoped, that my manic amount of multitasking had somehow increased my productivity. Come to find, that may not be the case.

This article “What Multi-Tasking Does to Our Brains” has a few simple take aways:
(although I would suggest just reading the entire article)

1. Only keep one web browser tab open at a time
2. Make a list and plan the evening before
3. Change work locations at least once a day

Every one of these may not apply to every person, but it’s definitely an interesting read, and I think for myself, they may be some good principles to apply to my working hours.

Some of you also might be glad to know by the way, that listening to music, according to some of the studies referenced in this particular article, isn’t multitasking.

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