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Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, we pulled together a few recycling initiatives and an especially unique marketing campaign to raise awareness to save the sumatran tiger. All videos are below!

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Typeface Tuesday – Type Cycle


Type Cycle is designed by Marcel Piekarski. This 3D typeset mixes typography and a bicycle (above) to create this unique set of letters.

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Typeface Tuesday: Brim Narrow

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We’re finally back with another Typeface Tuesday! This week features Brim Narrow – Designed by Jamie Clarke. We’re loving the depth and layers of this typeface. Designers description below:

“Brim is inspired by antique woodtype and chromatic type from the 1800s. Its various styles stack together creating a variety of decorative combinations. Each layer can be assigned its own colour, resulting in a rich assortment of eye-catching results.”

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Funny Designer Diagrams

more here:


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Serif TV

Created by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, its name, ‘Serif’ comes from the profile design, which looks like an uppercase serifed “I.”
It comes in three sizes – Serif, Serif Medium, and Serif Mini. Currently Samsung has only released Serif in the UK, hopefully with broader distribution to come from this nod-to-a-classic television set.

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The Art of Traditional Sign Craft

This short film features Tobias Newbigin of Newbigin Signs. He specializes in traditional, signwriting and is based out of Bath, England.

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Typeface Tuesday: Flabbergast

Flabbergast is designed by Tyler Finck. You can learn more about this typeface, or purchase it here.

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Merry Christmas!

Short film ‘Best Wishes’ by Jeroen Houben.

Wishing you a merry Christmas and happy holidays from us at FontGear.



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The Theory of Relativity Made Easy

#Einstein100 is a Windfall Films production created by animator Eoin Duffy and filmmaker Jamie Lochhead. Collaborators also include David Tennant (of Doctor Who) and Anais Rassat (a science researcher and communicator) who worked together to make this animated short that beautifully and succinctly explains general relatively in only three minutes.


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We found these #DesignerProblems by Seth Roberts and Brian Hawes (like the one below) this past week on Bored Panda. Enjoy!


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