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Free Fonts: A Font Affair


Here is another roundup of free fonts via Going Home To Roost. Enjoy!

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Fitter. Happier. More Productive People.

Today we are linking you all over to a great article about…


Okay, so maybe this won’t make you fitter, but being productive DOES certainly seem to make us happier.

I have always thought, or at the very least, hoped, that my manic amount of multitasking had somehow increased my productivity. Come to find, that may not be the case.

This article “What Multi-Tasking Does to Our Brains” has a few simple take aways:
(although I would suggest just reading the entire article)

1. Only keep one web browser tab open at a time
2. Make a list and plan the evening before
3. Change work locations at least once a day

Every one of these may not apply to every person, but it’s definitely an interesting read, and I think for myself, they may be some good principles to apply to my working hours.

Some of you also might be glad to know by the way, that listening to music, according to some of the studies referenced in this particular article, isn’t multitasking.

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Strategies for the Effective Tweeter

We will be sharing a few business related posts throughout this week. We’ve found them helpful & hope maybe you will, too!
These are great especially, we think, for small businesses & designers.

Today we’re sharing a marketing study for Twitter. Twitter can be a great & effective tool for businesses if it’s only used properly. Hopefully this review will get you on the right track.
For a more in depth look, you can also download the full report.


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It’s been crazy around here…

We have been blown away by the interest in our newly released FontPad Server. What an exciting time for web typography – and now we have put together a deal that makes it easier than ever to get into web fonts.

For a limited time you can get FontXChange for Macintosh and FontPad Sever for Macintosh (1 Year) for only $99.00 with our Web Font Software Bundle.

FontXChange can easily convert fonts to OpenType (PS), Web Fonts (WOFF), PostScript Type 1, and TrueType for both Macintosh or Windows.

FontPad Server is a web font server application that provides a way to deploy web fonts in a safe, controlled, and protected environment without having to use clumsy scripts and specialized web page programming.

Font Software Bundle for Macintosh

FontPad Server

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29 Ways to Stay Creative

Twenty-nine ways to keep those creative juices flowing.



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FontDoctor 8.1 Released

FontGear, Inc. of Charlotte, NC announces the release of FontDoctor for Macintosh v8.1

FontDoctor has long been the industry standard software tool for font problem diagnosis, repair, organization, and now font archiving and back-up. FontDoctor is a professional software application that will locate and eliminate hard-to-find font problems that wreak havoc on the Macintosh system performance and applications. FontDoctor will scan font folders (on local hard drives or over a network) to locate and repair common font illnesses, including corrupt or damaged fonts, missing Postscript fonts, missing bitmaps, corrupt/damaged fonts, font ID conflicts, extra fonts sizes, mixed fonts types, and lots more.

FontDoctor will also organize your font files and generate font diagnosis and organization reports as needed.

 What’s new in v8.1:

  • Mac OS X 10.7 support and compatibility
  • Completely updated interface
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

* A free demonstration version can be downloaded from
* The update is FREE to version 8 users. Older version can be upgraded for $19.99.
* FontDoctor is available for $69.99/Single User License and can be ordered and downloaded from our website at using all major credit cards, or by calling 1-800-583-2917.

* FontDoctor is also available for Microsoft Windows

* FontDoctor supports TrueType (Macintosh and Windows (.ttf, .ttc) versions), PostScript Type 1, PostScript Type 3, Multiple Master fonts, OpenType fonts, DataFork fonts, and bitmap fonts.

FontGear Inc. is a leading professional software development company for Macintosh and Windows, specializing in font application tools for graphics professionals and the printing industry. FontGear Inc. is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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FontGenius 2.1 Released

CHARLOTTE, NC – FontGear Inc. announced today the release of FontGenius for Macintosh v2.1

FontGenius is a font identification utility for Macintosh.

FontGenius examines pictures and identifies typefaces of any text within a picture. Using advanced recognition technology, FontGenius will produce a list of likely fonts that match selected characters within an image, and will generate character previews of the matched fonts. An internet search can also be performed on the list of results to locate, purchase, and download matched fonts.


Version 2.1 includes support for Mac OS X 10.7 (lion) and bug fixes.


* The update is free for existing FontGenius customers.

* FontGenius can be ordered and downloaded from our website at using a major credit card, or by calling 1-800-583-2917.

* A free demonstration version can be downloaded from

* FontGenius is available for $39.99 (Single User License)

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