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The New “Face” of Nokia

Along with its new marketing strategy, Nokia has given its typeface a – well, facelift. Leaving us with something a little fresher & more modern. Goodbye Nokia Sans & hello Nokia Pure. Nokias new font, commissioned to London designer Dalton Maag will not only be used to grace the screens of their mobile devices, but on their website & print ads as well. Much like Helvetica, the clean lines of this font will translate well on screen & off. Especially considering Nokia’s clientele isn’t based primarily in the US. There are a myriad of languages the typeface will be translated into, including Hebrew, Arabic, Thai & Cyrillic.

With the explosion of smart phones – & their ever increasing number of users, Nokia has been slowly but steadily losing market share. Or according to Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop – “standing on a burning platform.” This new font isn’t going to be all it takes to bring them back – but along with the release of their N8 -its a step in the right direction.

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