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Artists creates typographic sculptures

Artist and designer June Corley creates very cool sculptures with typography and found objects.

Check these out…

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Typographic time

Way cool clocks use typography to track your day.

1. Decode Clock

2. Chronotronix Tube Clock

3. QlockTwo

4. The Pong Clock

5. Aspiral Clock

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$100 re-design

$100 bill re-design modifies looks and feel of fonts .

The newly re-designed $100 bill is packed with new colors and security features. Of course anytime you create a new design for something familiar, the critics will speak. Some have suggested that the new $100 bill design is very close to the Euro. I guess maybe a little?

Notice the subtle changes to the fonts.

It appears that the horizontal scaling was corrected on two 100’s across the top – which is always a good thing (if the font designer wanted it streched, it would have been streched) Also, the lower left 100 now matches the top two for consistency. That’s good too. Design consistency creates cohesion. Unfortunately the security ribbon ruins the new look. Thoughts?

Here’s the new design:

Here’s the previous version:

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Test your eyesight

Historic eye chart influences typographic design.

Although February 19 recently passed without much fanfare, it is in some ways a historic day. That’s the birthday of Herman Snellen. Do you remember those old eye-charts ? You had to cover one eye and stand at some specific distance away form the chart, then say out loud all the letters you could read. Herman Snellen was the inventor of that chart – the Snellen eye chart.

What’s interesting is the influence the Snellen chart has had in graphic design.

Although his idea was to use typography in a purely mechanical sense (i.e. the chart text has no meaning), over the years designers have leveraged the familiarity of the Snellen chart to create a graphic context that conveys meaning through typography.

Here’s a few of my favorites…

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