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Extensis updates leading font manager

Extensis recently announced the release of Suitcase Fusion 3, and it is a pretty amazing upgrade to an already terrific product. It is more of a reinvention, as it not only supports the management of fonts in print by allowing you to browse, preview, select and manage fonts, but takes a leap into the future (which happens to be now) with its support of the new Web font technology via its WebINK® font rental service, which gives you access to a huge font selection.

Suitcase Fusion 3 includes these new features:

• Adobe CS5 support

• Suggests ‘more fonts like this’ using QuickMatch technology

• Font Snapshots for quickly creating PNG font previews

• Web Page Preview automatically allows you to see how a font will look on any website

• Updated and modernized user interface

• Built in font corruption detection using FontDoctor technology

Check it out here:

Want to see all of the new features in Suitcase Fusion 3 in action? Sign up for their FREE Webcast this Thursday, August 12th, at 11:00 AM (Pacific) / 2:00 PM (Eastern) here:

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