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The Type Studio Webinars

Have you thought much about expanding your type knowledge through webinars?

If you haven’t, maybe you shold. They can be a great continuing-ed resource for students & professionals alike that just don’t have the time to attend classes & seminars.

Can we recommend specific classes for you?

Check out TypeCast Webinars. The product of Ilene Strizver, founder of The Type Studio – they made their debute back in December & utilize experienced designers & typographers for each of their live sessions.

Miss a session? No problem. They also have OnDemand past sessions available that you can access at any time.

These webinars cover a variety of topics, include: Type Crime, Type on the Web, Web Fonts, Hand Lettering, Logo Development, InDesign & more. So there’s something for everything.

Best of all, they are affordable at $25 per session as well as a free InDemand Session: Troubling Typesetting Mysteries: Solved!

Out of excuses yet?
Their Web Fonts: Explained session also takes you through how to incorporate our newly released FontPad Server to manage & protect your web fonts, as well.

Upcoming classes start as soon as March 8th. So check out their website & sign up!

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