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Quit messing up your type

When the Mac took over the publishing industry many great things happened. But, as with any new technology, the potential for unintended consequences can be a problem – and so it is with typography.

In this blog post, Ilene Strizver talks about the crime of stretching and squeezing type in a way that the type designer never intended.


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Back in the day…remember Letraset press type?

I was looking around this morning and found this article about the old press type Letraset. Holy cow… I forgot all about press type. What a pain. Some of you who’ve been around a while will remember all the hours spent doing specs and comps using Letraset. Enjoy!

Read the article here

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5 Things you need to know about using fonts

I recently ran across a great post by Ilene Strizver on the CreativePro blog about how to avoid mistakes and maximize productivity when it comes to using fonts.

She posted her comments in response to the question “What are the most common typographic blind spots that you come across?”

Things like…

1. Ignored OpenType features

2. Underused Style Sheets

3. Overuse/misuse of tracking and kerning

4. Inattention to alignment

5. Dumb punctuation in onscreen typography

Read more

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iPad creates typographic holograms

This is so cool.

These designers have figured out a way to “light paint” with an iPad to create 3D animations on film.

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Typographic Anatomy

“Think you know your typographic anatomy? Can you tell a dot from a tittle or an aperture from an ascender at seventy-two points?

Typographers refer to elements of a letterform using a variety of terms that align naturally to architecture or the human body—eye, ear, foot, arm, lobe, leg—and we’ve captured many of them in this modernist-style limited edition print.”

Ligature, Loop, and Stem has produced an excellent poster that illustrates the various parts of a typographic character called the Lesson Plan Print.

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4 Things to consider when creating a business logo

A good article from about creating your business identity…

Here’s some excerpts:

“A logo is a first impression. Before a customer knows anything about what you do or sell, they’ll view your identity with two choices: Keep reading, or click away. On the web, that choice is made in milliseconds.”

“With all the noise on the web today, good branding is more important than ever. Even if your business is not a cutting edge tech startup, the overall identity of your face on the web, social media, and your storefront should be unified, clean, and compelling.”

Read the full article here

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Cool Font Furniture

Furniture design company Palette Industries has created many very cool furnishings, but their Camus floor lamp and Dharma Lounge caught our attention recently. I guess we just can’t get enough when it comes to typography!

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Extensis updates leading font manager

Extensis recently announced the release of Suitcase Fusion 3, and it is a pretty amazing upgrade to an already terrific product. It is more of a reinvention, as it not only supports the management of fonts in print by allowing you to browse, preview, select and manage fonts, but takes a leap into the future (which happens to be now) with its support of the new Web font technology via its WebINK® font rental service, which gives you access to a huge font selection.

Suitcase Fusion 3 includes these new features:

• Adobe CS5 support

• Suggests ‘more fonts like this’ using QuickMatch technology

• Font Snapshots for quickly creating PNG font previews

• Web Page Preview automatically allows you to see how a font will look on any website

• Updated and modernized user interface

• Built in font corruption detection using FontDoctor technology

Check it out here:

Want to see all of the new features in Suitcase Fusion 3 in action? Sign up for their FREE Webcast this Thursday, August 12th, at 11:00 AM (Pacific) / 2:00 PM (Eastern) here:

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iOS4 (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and Fonts

The website is a great resource for font-related info and tips, and their more recent post about how fonts work on Apple’s mobile platform operating system (now called “iOS”) proves this out.

Check it out here

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Win $1000

Here’s the latest entry for our Fantastic Font Film contest…

We are still taking video submissions, so if you have the skills then send us your work and you might walk away with $1000, $500, or $250

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