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WebINK serves online fonts

Extensis has been quietly working on a new online font management tool – and now they’re talking about it.

WebINK, announced last month, allows web designers to choose web fonts from the WebINK font library and use them in thier own web page designs.

This is new territory for web design. In the past, there was no easy way to specify a particular font when designing for the web Рother than the basic pre-installed system fonts found on most computers.

With the development of HTML5 and the new @font-face tag, many web browsers now support using fonts that are stored on a web server, just like you would use pictures, video, etc.

Of course you have to have¬†super-nerd technical skills to make it happen without going insane with the frustration of it all. And that’s where WebINK comes in.

WebINK handles all the technical mess that’s part of using web fonts and let’s you stay focused on what you’re good at – web design.

Of course Extensis has done an incredible job with the site design and has made it very easy to use.

You should check it out for yourself.

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Free software creates logo type

CoolText is an online application that let’s you design and export logo type. There are many type options and it’s fun to mess around with. I created the above logotype in less than 5 minutes.

Check it out for yourself.

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