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Typecasting at Apple

With huge spikes in iPhone and iPad sales, developers and designers are naturally concerned about the lack of typography these devices afford. When the much anticipated iPad was launched in April 2010, we were dismayed to find only a few font options. And while they’ve come a long way in a short time, if these devices are going to accommodate the creative expectations of designers and consumers, they’re going to have to step up their iOS font support.

It’s curious that a visually oriented company like Apple offers such anemic font control on these devices. Function trumps form, and while the company’s intention to keep tight control over its interface is understandable, it is also a bit disappointing. Creatives flock to Apple for its easy interface, its intuitive design, its streamlined structure.

Unfortunately, developers and designers aren’t able to fully capitalize on these functions because of limited choices. It’s a bit like being admitted to Disneyworld, and then being told you can only use the kiddy rides. What’s the point of having an innovative and powerful device that limits your viewing experience?

This contest between device and web design is an interesting one. Can creatives – Apple’s primary customer base – learn to be happy with the limitations? Or will the company be forced to expand its iOS font technologies?

Typography is critical to the user’s experience. Over time, technological breakthroughs in deliverable typefaces will be a game-changer, forcing even the most powerful mobile providers to give their customers an added measure of freedom. It’s just a matter of time.

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3 Words: Apple, iPhone, and Verizon…

Read ’em and weep AT&T…

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iOS4 (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and Fonts

The website is a great resource for font-related info and tips, and their more recent post about how fonts work on Apple’s mobile platform operating system (now called “iOS”) proves this out.

Check it out here

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Creative Genius for iPhone

Yesterday we released the first version of the Creative Genius iPhone app.

Creative Genius will challenge your skills in art, music, architecture, fashion, and more. Rich graphics, great trivia questions, and fun games built around cool iPhone technologies will test even the most artistically gifted.

Choose from 3 levels of play and win a position in the Creative Genius Hall of Fame.

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iPhone OS 4 fonts

Apple plans summer update for iPhone OS.

With the iPhone OS 4 update scheduled for this summer, what changes in font management can we expect?

It seems there has been some movement towards a more robust support for fonts. Here’s a quick list of changes we’ll see:

  • More support for web fonts
  • Custom font support for individual apps (each app can use it’s own private fonts, but not share them)
  • Still cannot install fonts at the System level for all apps to use

Also, enhancements have been made to the Accessibility settings panel. A new Large Text feature allows you to adjust font sizes for system alerts  and native Apple apps, like Mail and Calendar:

Stay tuned for more updates about the iPhone/iPad font situation.

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iPhone font

Creative video demonstrates interesting way to create a “font” for the iPhone.

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