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A Magazine for Pixel People

“Reading it offline, in a distraction-free environment, allows us to step away from the digital context and reflect on our industry from a more perennial angle. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like flipping through a real magazine?”

This easily sums up OffScreen Magazines self acclaimed ¬†‘oldfashioned’ ways of doing things. Making its debute just two months ago, OffScreen Magazine already seems to be ¬†finding their nitch among readers. As its name would suggest, OffScreen is dedicated to exploring the lives & work of people who are creating apps & websites behind the scenes, or, off screen, via beautifully printed pages.

We quite agree with them on this one. Sometimes having the actual publication in your hands feels extra special. Currently, OffScreen plans on publishing three volumes annually. Volume one is currently available at most major newsstands, or you can buy it online.

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