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Preview fonts quickly in Mac OS X

Mac OS X Leopard provides easy font preview feature.

Apple introduced a new technology in Mac OS X 10.6 (a.k.a. “Leopard”) called “Quick Look”. This feature allows you to preview the contents of any file on your hard drive without having to actually open the file. To use it, just click on a file and press the “Space” bar. This is a great feature, but you may not know that it’s particularly useful when previewing font files and font folders.

If you select a group of font files or a folder full of font files then hit the Space bar you will get a window that displays a collection of previews allowing you to decide what font you might want to use – even before you install it.

You can also zoom the preview in and out using the “Command +” and “Command -” key strokes, respectively.

Another way to preview your fonts in Leopard is to open a folder that is full of font files then click the “Cover Flow” view icon in top button bar of the window.

For  a more complete font preview tool you may also want to consider FontVista for Macintosh.

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