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FontXChange 3.0 converts web fonts (SVG, WOFF, EOT)

Today we released version 3 of FontXChange, our font conversion utility for Macintosh.

FontXChange converts font files from one format to another.

Version 3 includes expanded web font support for conversion to WOFF, SVG, and EOT font formats, and new features to create HTML examples using the “@font-face” tags for converted web fonts for easy font support on your websites.

Other features include a completely updated user interface and font previewing, conversion support for OpenType, TrueType, and PostScript Type 1 for Mac and Windows.

Read more here…

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Useful Dingbats

Dingbat: A typographical ornament or symbol.

There are tons of dingbat fonts available out there – and a lot of them are useless. But there are also many that are very useful. The ThinkDesign blog has a good list of the more useful ones, and they’re free to download and use.

Check it out here

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Test your eyesight

Historic eye chart influences typographic design.

Although February 19 recently passed without much fanfare, it is in some ways a historic day. That’s the birthday of Herman Snellen. Do you remember those old eye-charts ? You had to cover one eye and stand at some specific distance away form the chart, then say out loud all the letters you could read. Herman Snellen was the inventor of that chart – the Snellen eye chart.

What’s interesting is the influence the Snellen chart has had in graphic design.

Although his idea was to use typography in a purely mechanical sense (i.e. the chart text has no meaning), over the years designers have leveraged the familiarity of the Snellen chart to create a graphic context that conveys meaning through typography.

Here’s a few of my favorites…

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