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For the Bird Lovers

Yes. This is for real. & as odd of an idea as it is, I’m kind of left wondering why no one has thought of it before?

Designer Nishant Jethi says the following about her ‘Living Typography’ design:

“These days, it is hard to imagine just how common house sparrows used to be. Sparrows were everywhere, the ultimate groupie to humankind. It seemed that they were untouchable.
How wrong we were.
Study proves that there is a sharp decline in the number of house sparrows. The driving force is the lack of nesting and breeding spaces. With high-rises and malls coming up everywhere, the birds have been displaced.
So, an idea called ‘Living Typography’ was developed. Hollow wooden 3D alphabets that could also act as a bird’s nest were created. Appropriate alphabets were sent to a friends and family. They could keep it outside their house as their nameplate or house number. This nameplate/House number also acted as nests for birds amidst concrete jungle of the city.”

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